The Face of Evil

Monday, September 6, 2004:  Well, hallelujah!!!  My first official holiday off in 15 years!!!  What a feeling to not have to plan and beg and strategize to be off on a holiday.  Plus even if I could get that day off, I would usually have to work the day before or after, so you never got much of a real holiday that way, especially if you had to be in at 5am the following morning!  Last night was really good times at the elder Holts' home.  Mike was there this time, and I just wanna say out loud to the world what a nice guy he really is.  I have always liked him, tho I sense our personalities are miles apart, we still have a lot of common ground, and he is a  very kind man.  He loves his little family greatly, and so do we!  "The Boy" is now 6 months old and a happier, rounder-faced baby, you will never meet!  He is a joy, and Maria, of course, always the beautiful little princess (not necessarily angelic, but that's what I like to see in a babygirl, some spitfire).  She is so shy of me and Scott, she can hardly look at us, but she is nice when we talk to her, just doesn't do much talking to us :)  Carter, on the other hand, seems much more "out there" than Maria did, even at this age.  AND he LOOKS kinda like his Uncie Scott, Godhelpusall!  The next get together is too soon, but maybe by Thanksgiving, for sure Christmas, he should be starting to toddle around, or pull up at least.  If he is 6 months now, Xmas would see him about 9 months old, so...  there's a chance.  It seems like so many kids these days walk so early compared to our generation.  And by our, I mean mine and Scott's which are the 40+ers.  So I'm fixing to go post the reviews to Phil, the Morning News finally got theirs out, evidently.  They are so slow on reviews, now, and sometimes don't even post any!  It's pathetic, but that's the only paper we have around here.  I sure miss the Times-Herald.  They were my favorite newspaper.  Meanwhile, keep on keeping the faith!  We'll be back soon :)

Saturday update:  Just a quick bedtime note...  Phil Collins was GREAT tonight!!!  Also saw my old pal from the Dylan show...  Babe Laufenberg, not that he remembered or recognized me, but this time looked like he had his wife with him.  Last time I think it was his brother.  I don't think she liked Bob, and I can't say as I blame her on that one.  I love a lot of his music, a lot I don't, but the main thing is his persona for me.  He's too rich to be such a sour puss!  Anyway, gotta got in 8-12 for Kroger tomorrow, better get some sleep, 'cuz then it's off to the in-laws for the old man's old man's birthday celebration.  

Saturday September 4, 2004:  Ouch!  My cheeks are still hurting, and I may have torn my incision... from laughing so hard last night at Martin Short!  Don't let the Morning News review fool you, he was HILARIOUS!  The Star Telegram reviewer was much more in tune with our take on the show.  This is the kind of show I am coming to love.  Comfy, velveteen chairs, air conditioning, polite people, no ins and outs during the show, so no drunks spilling beer all over you or stepping on your toes 100 times during the show, and especially the thing that has worn my nerves out lately at the rock shows, little screaming girls shrieking in your ears every time the band gets to a good part.  Anyway, he was (or appeared to be, which may be even harder) very improvisational in his act, with a lot of audience interaction.  A lot more singing and less comedy than I expected, but it was so intermixed, the whole act was both a musical and a comedy act.  He really has a good voice, but every time he was singing, he reminded me of him DOING someone singing.  Every now and again, his Liza would creep out, or his Irving Cohn (sp), but I couldn't tell sometimes if he was doing some Sinatra.  During the narration of Peter and the Wolf, we got some good Katherine Hepburn and Jerry Lewis, too.  Tonight, we are off to AAC to see Phil Collins.  Annie is coming up this month as well.  She is OPENING for Sting.  Yuck!  I mean, some of his schtick is okay, I like some of the Police stuff, but she is just so over the top talented, it just irks me that she would open for anyone!  Just my humble opinion, as always...