Tuesday August 31, 2004:  Allrighty then!  Surgery all accomplished and now I really feel like I'm IN at the new job now.  Not that I'm better trained than last week or anything, just that now I have nothing else hanging over my head to interrupt my new "flow".  It is a very very complicated job, and I can certainly see why they don't want me to answer the phones yet.  Just when I thought I had it all figured out last week, then I took that long weekend and poof!, it's all gone.  Now one of the girls is out this week with chicken pox of all things, but really...  it's in her mouth, I heard someone say.  She's gotta be miserable, but that leaves only three girls who can really work 100% right now, also me and Matt (the temp).  He's 2-3 weeks ahead in training from myself.  But I got a bunch of new clothes for my birthday (the family get together was this weekend), and I'm very positive about it all.  I know when I finally get my foot in the door, then I can make my own little niche there.  I finally have a couple of pictures up in my cubie, a radio/cd player and some cd's...  so I'm moving in slowly.  I just wish I had a faster computer.  This thing runs like about a 133 processor or less!  Of course, that's astounding compared to my first 40/256, but in this day and age, it's just pathetic.  I have to actually WAIT for programs to open!  Very frustrating!  Anyway, just baby-stepping along!  Oh, and the surgery...  a lipoma...  doesn't look malignant, but still out for the biopsy.  Sure got sore yesterday with my bra strap rubbing on the wound, tho.  Will update the final diagnosis when the results are back.  For now, gotta scoot!

Sunday August 22, 2004:  Well, I survived another one!  Got a few items from the hubby, including about 12 new teaspoons.  Funny, but until I got married, I don't think I ever lost even one kitchen utensil without knowing just what happened to it.  Next weekend will be the big haul.  ST-TOS Complete First Season is on the way, got the Johnson Family Vacation w/Cedric, Mitch Hedberg for the both of us, a new dining room rug, cd/radio/alarm clock, and something else that escapes me right now.  Anyway, the big present was to see Richard Lewis at the Improv last night, on my b-day!  He was as hilarious as the first time I ever saw him, tho this is my first time to see him live.  I so much enjoy the comedians who are doing aging jokes as we are all aging together.  Richard is frail in appearance, and rail-thin;  57 years old, but still as hyper and sharp as ever, tho he will dispute that.  Very sympathetic to Bush's intellectual, shall we say, missteps, as he says he can never get words right either, and is also a recovering alcoholic/drug addict.  Claims to be 10 years clean, I sure hope so for his sake, as it is so much harder on an older body than the youngsters.  I would like to relate some of his schtick, but he is truly a "you had to be there" comic, much of his act is in the delivery as much as the material.  He talked about even his sperm having bad backs, not knowing anymore if it is an orgasm or a heart attack, testicular elephantitis, younger girlfriends/spouses being too much work, the absolute humiliation of seeing Shaq naked and realizing he was neither a woman nor a man, but having some out of man experience.  It is so sterile on the page, it does nothing to evoke the hilarity of the moment, but trust me, he had us all in stitches!  And front row seating at that!  I even got to shake his hand as he was leaving the stage, we all did...  Me, Scott, Jeff, and Bili.  What a great outing with friends and birthday fun to boot!  Gonna go watch a little of the Hedberg disc...  Y'all come back now... hyear?

Friday August 20, 2004:  Well, only about 2 hours left until my next birthday, that makes about 13 more than I thought I would ever see.  You know, when you're young, you can't fathom someone wanting to live longer than 30 years!  Then one day, that doesn't seem so old, and then you wake up and you're 40!  The march of time never slows it's step.  If you had seen me marching through the parking lot  at Smirnoff tonight, you would know exactly where time has been marching across me!  Scott may still be nimble, Scott may still be quick, but Cat can't even clear the candlestick!  Anyway, Snoop was snoopy, Korn was korny, and we were in the Linkin' "Park"-ing lot bye the time they came out.  Good show, nice weather, saw Dude and Dudina, they'll have pics and autographs for my OPP page soon.  Oh, and after only a week, I have now turned over my odometer...  at 100 miles :)  I LOVE working less than 5 miles away from home.  Will post stubs and reviews tomorrow, hopefully, if not, then Sunday, check back soon...

One more note on aging...  we are really getting too old to enjoy the younger crowd shows.  The music would still be good for us, but it's the childishness of the crowd that is getting to us, now.  Particularly the shrill, shrieking of teen-aged (or younger) girls.  Don't be surprised to see us slack up on those type shows.  With the exception of Maynard in whatever capacity he tours,  we are starting to wear out on those shows.  Symphonies, comedians, operas, plays, "oldies" tours, and we still love the circus!  Those kinds of things should keep us plenty busy in the future.

Thursday August 19, 2004:  Well!!!  I finally got my hands on a computer at work and am hearing rumors that the telephone lady came by and was asking which cubie was going to be mine.  Also, my boss told me that she called the (I.S.?) people who set me up on the computer with my own account and email and such.  I have the instructions all copied and ready to get set up, plus I can't wait to personalize my own system some.  Also, the cubie needs cleaning and dusting, but I have some rudimentary "books" put together for just the product lines for now, as I still know nothing about my accounts.  Then I am thinking maybe on Monday of next week, I will be allowed to start keying in simple LTLs and sample orders.  I have a whole new lingo to learn, now.                     

Also, Scott and Anthony (eSBe) went to see Stan Ridgway last night in Deep Ellum without me.  And even after I told Anthony not to leave Scott down there all alone, he still wimped out early and left like 15 min. before the show was over.  It was in a little club with a low stage, and there was a drunk in the first row (wouldn't you know), who just wouldn't shut up or sit down!  Scott sez the crowd was about to lynch him by the time Stan came out and Stan was saying "can't we all just get along" until he had been out there for a while with this guy literally up in his face, waving his arms and yelling and carrying on.  Like he wasn't just 2 feet away from Stan, already!  So Stan tried hinting, altering lyrics to slam the guy, and otherwise just nasty comments TO him, but the guy was too drunk or stupid to catch on, even after the graphic and insulting language Stan finally had to use on him, let us say "requesting" him to quietly keep seated.  My "drunken concert buddy kharma" must have rubbed off on Scott after all these years together.  Nevertheless, it turned out to be a great show, and even Stan commented on how great the sound was in there.  You just have to put up with one in every crowd, I guess.  It was weird for Scott to be somewhere like that without me, he said, altho in my unconscious state, I didn't even get to notice him gone...  hehe...  Anyway, gonna go and visit with Scott now, and I just gotta say ...  Thank God tomorrow's Friday!!!

Sunday August 15, 2004:                  


As far as news from me and Scott, well, do you want the bad news first or the good news?  In keeping with tradition...  the bad news is that my little blue car I've had since it's birth is gone!  Eleven years together, I can still feel poor Carry pining for Mom and Home!  It's very very very sad for me.  That was my first brand new car ever, if you don't count my pickup that I totalled within a month in '79.  Well, she just kept eating up batteries, the story of her life.  On the way home Friday from my last day full time with Kroger, she died twice in really bad spots and had to be jump started both times.  So Friday we went looking at Hyundais and Kias, the smallest/least expensive version of each model.  We went home and mulling it over, decided that I really needed one size up from tiny.  So we were going back to look at the next size up and think on that, when we accidentally pulled into Mitsubishi's parking lot (the next drive down from Hyundai).  Not that there was anything wrong with the other two car models, they have that GREAT warranty that comes with them...  5 yrs 60,000 miles bumper-to-bumper, 10 yrs 100,000 miles power train, 5 yrs 60,000 miles roadside assistance.  Mitsubishi, turns out offers the same warranty, except that the roadside assistance is 3 yrs 36,000 miles.  BUT, they offer also I think the 3 year 36,000 miles or maybe I'm wrong, maybe its 45,000 miles - I'll have to look it up, but free maintenance.  That means I get free oil changes and such at first.  Altho, come to think of it, the service guy was saying some other stuff at 12,000 miles, I'll have to get Scott to help keep that straight - he will love having permission to obsess over my car, now!  Anyway...  we got swarmed immediately!  After 5 minutes of us sitting in the car with it running, saying we were just turning around, it took 5 tortuous hours of negotiating and looking around the lot, but they finally found me a car!  It's a Lancer sedan, white, 4dr, only 4.9 miles on it when we got in for the test drive.  I think I'm up to about 35 miles right now.  I must say, we tried repeatedly to leave, but every time we would make a break for it, it's like they're all watching to make sure you don't get away, but someone would stop us and beg for just 2 more minutes!!!  Once we made it as far as the second step down to the sidewalk before getting reeled back in.  Actually I think Scott may have already had his hand on the doorlatch, but me being Miss Manners, I turned to yell "Tell Gabriel thanks for his time, sorry we just can't afford any of your cars!", and they yelled back "Wait, we found it!" (the one they said they had for $15k even tho the lowest price we had seen was $17k).  Turns out the window sticker was gone off that one, so we never seriously inquired as it was sitting between two $30+k cars.  You sure couldn't tell by looking which ones were out of sight expensive and which weren't.  Well with my poor dead trade in and after wrenching a rebate out of them, we got them down to $13.5k.  The rest is history, except for the return trip with the Ford trauma.  BTW, they said that the value of my car for trade in was really only $50-$100, but we told them at least $500, that's what we got.  Anyway, after repeatedly breaking down on the way back with the car, I'm nearly having a heat stroke, and Scott and I are yelling at each other from frustration, it died while actually on the highway, so I coasted down the road, up they access road ramp, and would have made the corner on to Gross Road, but of all things, a towtruck stopped in front of me and that was it.  I was stuck IN the corner!  So we called, they came and got Carry, and the rest now is truly history.  Gonna go...  hear Scott stirring, we need coffee!  Love to all!

Monday August 9, 2004:  I can finally write something without any fear of telling on myself or having someone from work read this...  After 15 years with Kroger, a job I really love, I am leaving.   This change of management, I simply don't have the heart left after all these years of ping-ponging to endure through the bad times.  They actually did me a favor and forced me to be put in a position that this time when opportunity knocked, I not only answered, but drug it through the doorway!!!  I got a new job, this is one not involving standing up all day long.  I will be doing telephone customer service for a great new place where I already enjoy the working atmosphere more, but I only have one day in behind me.  This week will be busy, doing both for 3 days, then Kroger for 2 more, then 2 weeks of vacation, and I'll be back at work only one day per week for "K".  We'll see how that goes for a while.  Anyway, gotta go, doing a whole day today at my new job!  Check back at the end of the week if you are looking for news, I am pretty sure that will be the soonest I will post again, but hopefully with an 8-5, M-F job, I can do this regularly at least once a week now for my friends and family who are looking to catch up without actually having to see me :)  Remember when times are bleak as they have been for me lately....  sometimes you just have to "Let go, let God"...  It has worked at least 3 really magic times in my life, and I know it can work for anyone who can truly just let go!

Sunday, July 25, 2004:  Bocephus was awesome last night!  We went to Smirnoff for Hank Jr. and Kid Rock.  We have already seen "Kid" but neither of us have ever seen Hank.  He did a great set, about 1 1/2 hrs.  In the middle he did some acoustic guitar work, just him on stage alone for quite some time.  He is a very good musician, as well as showman.  He didn't match the mad energy of Kid Rock on stage, but in his own way was very electric.  He did some struttin' and such, but not like the young guys do.  He built more of a relationship with the audience, I felt, and he seemed to be in very good shape, with lotsa bling on.  Dressed in black jeans, cowboy boots and the usual hat/sunglasses, he was wearing a John Lee Hooker T-shirt and the stage was lined with portraits of Johnny Cash, John Lee Hooker, Hank Sr., and Waylon Jennings.  He played most of the songs you want to hear from him, and is very in tune with his fan base.  He did some of his dad's stuff, too, a lot during the acoustic set, and some rockin' versions of Kawliga and Move It On Over.  We got fiddlin' and stand up bass from him as well.  Very versatile, I personally feel his is totally in in musical prime.  Scott and I both, as well as some folks we met in the parking lot leaving early, felt that Kid was actually anti-climatic.  Perhaps that is because we have already experienced his show before, and even tho the music changed somewhat, it is still heavily inundated with schtick (i.e. - strippers/dancers, pyrotechnics, and other distractions from the music itself).  Of course, the young folks really went wild during his set, but there was a definite separate fan base, even tho there was some crossover.

Friday, July 16, 2004:  Okay, pictures are back, but the captions will have to wait for another time.  Right now, I am ready for a nap!

Thursday, July 15, 2004:  Now officially too hot to live in Texas.  Check back, if I don't die of intense malaise first, that is...   

EDIT!:  Just discovered all my pictures are gone, should be back tomorrow...  give me a chance to reorganize the files, anyway...   Sorry, folks ...  this is embarrassking...

Friday, July 9, 2004:  The show was great!  I marvel at how well those two guys harmonize, what a shame they had to go their separate ways.  It was an easy trip, and for the most part a well behaved crowd.  Not surprisingly, since we were more the median age for a change.  The only drawback was not enough time for the Everly Brothers, they only did like four songs.  But Art and Paul came out and closed their set with them.  It was kind of like an intermission set, S&G opened the show themselves.  This was a special show for me, not only because of the rarity of appearances, but it turns out that something like 13 years before we ever met, Scott and I were both at their show at the Cottonbowl in '82(ish), doing our own things, but I always like to think it was a good sign that we had so much in common.  We have discussed other shows we saw during that era, but mostly for me, I was going to clubs and seeing acts like Bugs Henderson.  It does turn out that when there was still a "Star Fest" at Northpark here in Dallas (the precursor of Starplex/Smirnoff), we were both going to those shows, but we know for certain that we were both at this one, we both still have the original programs!  Also there may have been some crossover at the Bandshell at Fair Park, but we're not sure. Check the stubs for reviews, I have added a page 14 now!  Whew!!!  Y'all come back now, hyear?

Monday, July 5, 2004:  Scott went to Garland's Star-Spangled 4th this weekend while I slept for work on Saturday.  It was all good, I got to rest and he got to meet one of his heroes...  John Kay of Steppenwolf.  He took his buddy, Poole, and his friend Dorris from work was working security there, so she got him a backstage pass and VIP seating with all the free food you you could eat, and all the beverages you could drink.  They even had a Wonka-esque chocolate fountain with strawberries and bananas!  Really sorry I missed out!!  He said the weather was good, nice breeze, and comfy chairs, I might have actually made it, but oh well...  Will post pics of Poole and Dorris on the friends and family page, and Scott's mementos in Pandora's Box. He wasn't even supposed to get the autograph or meet John, but he is a sly fox, that Scott!  He had the pass and even though he had been denied the opportunity of the meet and greet, he just walked up to the line like he knew what he was doing, and belonged with the crowd, and slipped right in!  John even remembered playing Will Rogers Auditorium in 1970, which was Scott's very very first concert ever, taken there by his father, Dale.  I'm sure Dale felt right at home, although he was only about 40, he was an officer (retired as a Major) in the Air Force.  I'm sure the fog/haze of smoke and young "hippie" types which flourished in those days made it quite the rousing event for him, but he hung in for his baby boy.  He also took little Scotty to Iron Butterfly, Grand Funk Railroad, and then that was that!!!  No more for Dale, no stopping Scott!  It's been a love affair with music for Scooter since he was picked out in kindergarten or pre-k to be a drummer, as he has great rhythm.  Side note here: he still plays/jams around some, but at one time was a classical guitarist and studied under Carlo Pezzimenti, who in turn studied under Andres Segovia.  If you will notice, the both of us run the gamut in musical tastes, just scan through our stub collection and you will see.  Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I have been trying to learn real html, not with an editor like FrontPage, but from scratch, as I am making a skin for our DVD Profiler program based on a pastel blue Marilyn theme.  Hard work, but fun!  Will try to split my time better...