Tuesday, June 29, 2004:  O Holy Tuesday, time to fondle the new releases!  Will update tonight, but I can tell you for sure we are going to pick up  "Ron White: They Call Me Tater Salad", provided our Best Buy has it in stock.  If you have not seen the Blue Collar Comedy Tour or do not know of this man, he is hilarious!  I personally think he was the funniest of the 4 guys, tho I did love Larry, the Cable Guy.  Engvall and Foxworthy were funny, don't get me wrong, but I guess the newness of my discovery of Ron made his schtick extra funny for me.  (Larry, I had been hearing doing radio call in spots for years now).  Be back tonight for an acquisition update...

Sunday, June 27, 2004:  Just ran Bad Santa with Billy Bob playing a particularly smarmy and hard to like character.  He really epitomizes the concept of a bad Santa!  A Coen Bros. Production, we found out.  Even tho it has a "happy" ending of sorts, this is not the feel good hit of the Christmas season.  It is definitely an adult comedy, and sad on a deep level to see John Ritter playing what we know now was his last movie role.  He is great, as always in this film;  his facial expressions alone could carry the scene, but the material, I felt, was strong (if you take the movie for what it was).  This is no "Citizen Kane", but right up my alley for humorous entertainment!

Anyway, been out of sync all week, I have opened every day and did the store close last night, so not much energy to get online and toodle like I am wont to do :)  I think the next chance I get, I'm going to add a page to the site for local venues and seating charts, so keep checking in! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2004:  Just ran "Ever After"...  very good for what it was.  I can't see Angelica Huston without enjoying myself, except that it reminds me how much I miss Raoul Julia.  What a pair they made in the Addams Family movies!  I don't think I could see anyone else in the role of Gomez on the big screen.  I did not believe anyone could touch John Astin in that role, but...  Now Fester, on the other hand, I much prefer the original, Jackie Coogan.  Anyway, Pepe' is giving someone the business, gonna go check it out.

Dude's drumstick from the Velvet Revolver showSunday, June 20, 2004:  Actually Monday morning, but I'm counting this as last night's post because I spent too much time tweaking the picture of the stick for Jeff.  Didn't make the show, but he said it was one of the singular most exciting and great shows he has ever been to.  Because of the heat (we didn't know it would rain), my health, and the possibility that I was going to have to go to work at midnight, we put our tickets up on eBay at the last minute on a one day sale.  I will never do that again, altho we DID sell them for 5x the face value!  $305 for what cost us $62!!!  Anyway, the kid had to drive up from past Brownwood, so we met them in Ennis, but not until like 6:45pm.  We had already decided to go if he didn't show up; but instead, we got to go shopping.  Got Scott the Pink Panther DVD set for Father's Day.  Anyway, it was all good for all of us and I will post his pics and review of the show tomorrow, along with eSBe's Dali info and pics.  I may make a new section for "friends contributions" because I don't want it to seem like we're taking credit for their shows on our pages, but would like to be able to include them.  If any of our other friends have stuff to add, send it to me, it may take a while, but I will figure out where to fit it in.  Have a blessed day!  Seeya soon!

Mama, that turtle has debbil eyes!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004:  Here are the turtle pics I promised of the turtle we released back into the lake.  (Scott's foot for size reference) 

Just watched "50 First Dates".  The movie was worth it to see Rob Schneider get beaten senseless by Drew Barrymore.  Lots of trailers and extras on this one ! 

Gotta scoot now, early day tomorrow, and it's already past 10:30!  Check back soon...



The Bass Hall - Forth Worth, Tx

Tuesday, June 15, 2004:  If you are ever given the opportunity to see anyone perform at this venue, take it!  It is beautiful acoustically and visually as well.  The "cheap seats" are very high and far away looking, but with binoculars, you will still have a good view. 

We got to do a meet'n'greet with Ralph Stanley last night, talked for a few seconds about the show we saw at a tiny little club in Deep Ellum here in Dallas called the Gypsy Tea Room.  The Gypsy Ballroom is a part of the same venue, but somewhat larger.  That was before the "Mountain" tours, and he played during the entire set.  He has something wrong with his hand or arm now, not sure which, but doesn't do much pickin' anymore.  He seems like such a genuinely sweet man, still with a lot of twinkle left in his eye!  Everyone who performed was fantastic, and we got home with no road trauma of any kind.  Today, Scott and I were both dawg-tired at work, went to Best Buy and gonna go watch "50 First Dates" on the way to bed, or maybe not even...  I hear the faint sound of baseball emanating from that room right now !

Sunday, June 13, 2004:  Well, we had another wildlife adventure yesterday, this time with a turtle.  Scott just picked it up, put it in a box, and took it down to our little park and put it in the duck pond.  Speaking of whom, those crazy ducks!  On the way home this morning from work, four of them were sleeping IN THE ROAD in front of the lake!  Thank goodness people around here are pretty hep to their scene, or we would have more accidents and less ducks.

Also, props to the disposable thermal wrap!  I did the store close last night, and when I got there, my back was hurting so bad, from fatigue mostly, I couldn't even stand up straight, so a little ways into the shift, I decided it was bad enough at this point to do/take something.  I bought one of those wraps and put it on....  whew, wadda relief!  Anyway, been snoozin' all day so far, Scott's at the Ranger game, will have new tickets and reviews (hopefully) posted by later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Free CD!

Friday, June 11, 2004:  Wow!  what a great performance.  Prince came out like a house on fire!  The stage was in the round, sort of a cross with his "magic" platform in the middle.  He appeared and disappeared there a couple of times, but I must say the performance I believe was better than last we saw him, just not as much "show" (dancers, etc.).  He was great and the band was tight.  Everything was perfect until the drive home.  I-30, no matter which way you are going is just a nightmare these days.  One little wreck and you are stuck like Chuck.  Got home, puppies are all good and excited as always (they are never sure we are coming back) to see us.  Kitty of course joins in the antics by torturing Chico...  he's such an easy mark for her.  The howling from the back yard has ceased, and all is well in our world.  It's after midnight, and I have to be at work at 5am, so I must go now.  Goodnight to all, and God bless us, everyone!

Thursday, June 10 2004:  Not very much to report today, except for this incident near Scott's workplace.

 Last night, we watched "The Ring".  Scott had never seen it, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  It seemed scarier than the first time I saw it on the big screen for some reason.  Tired from too many days opening in a row (5am start time), I have pretty much slept all afternoon today, just now coming "alive" and it's 10pm!  I am guessing it's a false wakening, and I'll be snoozing again soon.  Thanks for checking in! 

My 15 year ring...

Tuesday, June 8 2004:  My fifteen year anniversary with Kroger!  And I thought I was just gonna stay for a couple of weeks until I got a "real job".  Who'd have ever guessed??? 

Viewed "Along Came Polly" tonight, it was a good romantic comedy.  Alec Baldwin, as always, adds his certain something to every role he does, I only wish I had been Canteen Boy!  He was also great in "The Cooler" which we saw recently as well...  He gave a really powerful and intense performance in that one.  Not only do I have a little schoolgirl crush on him, I really believe he is one of the greatest underrated actors among his contemporaries.

Monday, June 7 2004:  A good day all around!  Got out of work early and am almost recovered from yesterday; also got our new satellite receiver in.  We have been down in the living room since the big storms/power outages Memorial Day weekend.  Not hooked up right, no one said I was a genius, but what made it a good day, is this time we went and bought extra warranties and we are covered for them to come out once a year, check us over and retweak our home theater system!  Tweeters rulez!!!  I guess that's about all for today, barring anything unforseen...  

Sunday, June 6 2004:  It's official...  no more outdoor summer concerts for me.  Ever since the Dolly Parton parking lot heat stroke or heat stress or whatever happened to me...  my friends know the story, but I will save that for another time;  I can no longer stand the heat or the sun or something.  We ended up having to leave the concert just before Joe Walsh today, and I still never quite recovered until standing under a cold shower at home.  However, we did see who we (Scott) mainly went to see, so it was alright, I guess.  Just hate it that I'm not able to hang like I used to.  Well, at least my mind is still....   Huh??  was I saying something? 

Post surgery Chico

Saturday, June 5 2004:   I was looking at some of our pictures, and this one just reminded me how important it is to warn everyone...  He looks allright here, but for a couple of weeks during diagnosis, attempted non-invasive treatments, and then setting up the surgery, poor little Chico did nothing but stand in the floor and scream - I mean scream like you have never heard from an animal before - indescribable shrieking - he couldn't lay down, he couldn't stand still, he couldn't do anything without this terrible pain.  We couldn't even comfort him because he was so frightened of the pain, even the floor vibration as we were walking through the house would cause him to cry out in pain.  It just ripped our hearts out, and we were walking around on the verge of tears all the time for fear he wouldn't come through okay.  So please, I beg of anyone with really tiny babies like the Chicster, he is 5 lbs, not even as tiny as a lot of Chihuahuas, please monitor them carefully, and never let them jump off any furniture, ever.  They may seem and think they're tough, but they are more fragile than you know.  Chico was fortunate enough that after a VERY expensive surgery, he seems for the last 2 years to be doing fine, but we still worry.  As an additional PSA for the babies, I want to remind every tiny dog owner that even though we think of them as children, and they think of themselves as big dawgs, truly wild animals see them as prey.  Danger is everywhere for them, one of the first Chi stories I read was of someone's baby being toted off by an owl because they left it alone in the yard, one was a lady that used to carry hers in her arms until one day it jumped to it's death in it's excitement and impulsiveness.  Other dogs will attack and it doesn't take much to fatally injure these precious companions of ours.  So please, never never never take your Chi or other small dog for granted, and never leave them outside unsupervised or anywhere beyond your protection.

Texas Rat Snake On Sunday, May 30, 2004, I was awakened from my nap by my hysterical husband, saying "Giant snake in the yard, there's a giant snake in the back yard!". As he is quite the "city slicker", I took "giant" with a grain of salt, but as I am not very "snake literate", I dressed in my heaviest jeans and high-top sneaks. Upon seeing the snake, easily 5 feet long, not running, even tho our dogs were giving him the business frantically barking, dodging, and panting with crazed looks in their eyes, we decided to try 911 first, as animal control was closed for the holidays. We were informed that unless it was in our house, they would do nothing for us. Our yard, it seems, is considered their natural habitat, tho Sugar and TinTin beg to differ. So I grabbed the shovel and crept up behind it, and it shot its eyes straight at me! Ewww! Anyway, Sugar distracted it for a second and *I* struck like a snake and caught it right behind the head with the shovel.  I then stomped, rolled, poked, etc. with the shovel, but to no avail, its head would not depart its body!  So Scott came up and he helped to stomp the shovel down, but alas, no use.  The snake was dead by now, however, and so we bagged it up and put it out like so much garbage.  The bad part of it is that neither my husband nor myself would kill anything given the choice, but we didn't know if it might be a copperhead or something, but this picture is a near twin of that very snake.  I could not in conscience let it bite our dogs, and the only consolation to us is that even tho not venomous, it is characterized as "One Mean Snake", hence the not running away!  Growing up in the country, I envisioned city life to be quite less exciting and full of natural encounters.  As our friends know, we are a legendary "Possum Crossing", and many a possum has gone sailing over the back fence projected by our snow shovel aka possum catapult.  I will eventually post a picture of it here, as it is one of our most cherished possessions (whoknew?), as well as the instrument of salvation for any possum who may fall into the realm of Sugar's deadly teeth!  Have also had water turtle, toads galore, and one raccoon encounter since moving here in 2000.

If you are interested, check back periodically, and I will keep an ongoing journal of nocturnal (or otherwise) adventures !!!